Hall Information

Important information

Our hall is now open again for bookings, however there are a number of special conditions that apply to all bookings. Please be sure to read all the information on this page and in the attachments before booking.

Our hut is made up of;
– Main Hall (11m x 6m room) – Maximum 17 people
– Community Room (6.5m x 5m room) – Maximum 9 people
– Restricted Kitchen access (no cooker or fridge)
– Male, Female and Disabled toilets (with Baby changing facilities)
– Parking area for 3 cars
– Small garden area

We also have a large number of tables and chairs suitable for both the main hall and community room.
Our hut is perfect for community and charity events, birthday parties, Scouting sleepovers and much more!

Please Note: Due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, we have Special Conditions that apply to all our bookings. Be sure to read the Booking Conditions and Agreement below before making a booking.

Hire Rates:

We have recently changed our rates. All bookings now have a two-hour minimum hire period and must be a multiple of 30 minutes long.

To allow for cleaning before and after, we add 30 minutes to the front and end of all sessions.

Main Hall OnlyCommunity Room OnlyBoth
Children’s party (3 hours)Not availableNot availableNot available
Teen/Adult party (6 hours)Not availableNot availableNot available
Community / Not for Profit
First Two hours (min hire period)£25.00£25.00£50.00
Additional half-hours (or part thereof)£6.25£6.25£12.50
First Two hours (min hire period) £50.00£50.00£100.00
Additional half-hours (or part thereof)£10.00£10.00£20.00


  • Community/Not for profit events are those that are either private/family meetings, community clubs, societies etc. or those open to the public where no profit is made, or any profits go to a registered charity.
  • All other events, other than private parties, are considered to be commercial events and charged accordingly.
  • Private (Adult party) are parties where the subject of the party and/or the majority of attendees are 18+.
  • Private (Child party) are parties where the subject of the party and the majority of attendees are under 18 yrs old.
  • The Hall Management Committee may require a cleaning deposit in addition to the booking fee.
  • All bookings include use of kitchen and toilets
  • 16-21 year-old parties are subject to the approval of the Hall Management Committee and may require a larger deposit.
  • Deposits will be refunded after a satisfactory inspection.

Booking Conditions


To make a booking

To check if your event date and time is available, and to make a booking, click here: Hall Availability.


Have a look at what our Scout Hut looks like below.