Coronavirus - We are currently in the Red Readiness Level, which means all face to face activities are currently suspended. It also means that our hall is closed to all bookings.

Could you be our new Hall Sub-committee chair?

Our group meets in its own purpose-built hall. Unfortunately, it was built in 1935 (with additions in 2016) and needs careful attention. The overall responsibility lies with the Charity Trustees via the Group Executive Committee and its Hall Sub-committee.

We’re looking for somebody to lead that sub-committee and ensure everything is tickity-boo. Think you might be able to do this? Go take a look at the Job Opportunity below.

Could you handle bookings for our hall?

We are lucky to own our own hall. This is great for us as it means we can use it whenever we need to. However, it does mean that we need to maintain it. To reduce the impact on our membership fees, we need to hire the hall out as much as possible.

As we (hopefully) approach the date when we can re-open the hall to bookings, we will shortly start to promote it to potential users. We really need somebody to come on board and manage the bookings.

Interested? Go take a look at the volunteer opportunity and respond.