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Moving up to Cubs

Between the ages of 7½ and 8½, it’s usually time for Beavers to move up to Cubs. Here’s what to expect when the time comes.

Moving to cubs


The Programme and How We Deliver

The Programme

The programme is a seamless progression of adventurous, creative and community activities. It aims to help young people grow in a number of personal development areas. The idea is that they learn by doing rather than just being told what to do.

Chief Scout Awards

We structure our programmes around badges covering many various activity and skills. Each section has a Top Award, called the Chief Scout Award which is the highest award available and each young people aims to achieve by completing a number of Challenge, Activity and Staged badges.

Each section has their own Chief Scout Award which increases in challenge:

  • Beavers – Chief Scout Bronze Award
  • Cubs – Chief Scout Silver Award
  • Scouts – Chief Scout Gold Award
  • Explorers – Chief Scout Platinum and Diamond Awards

Challenge, Activity and Staged Badges

The Chief Scout Award is achieved by completing a number of different Challenge, Activity and Staged badges in each section. More information on these badges are available here:

What is Scouting?

Every night more than 50,000 young people attend Beaver, Cub, Scout or Explorer meetings across the UK. Scouting is one of the great ‘brands’ of our age – familiar and trusted in households throughout the country.

This is an incredible achievement for an organisation run by volunteers in their spare time. Scouting has been able to adapt and change throughout its history so that it retains a relevance to the needs and aspirations of young people. It does this without losing sight of its core values of integrity, respect, care, belief, and cooperation, enshrined in the Scout Law and Scout Promise. Scouting’s appeal also has a very real resonance with more than 100,000 adults who actively support us across the country on a regular basis.

Through the adventure of Scouting, young people get to take risks in a safe environment. Our programme provides young people with the opportunities to learn new skills such as camp cooking and photography. Rock climbing, potholing, computer science, geocaching, local and national citizenship, team challenges, personal growth and international experiences are just some of the things they also get up to. We encourage our young people to feel the buzz of the challenge and then reflect on what that means.

Who runs 1st St Neots?

The Group is very luck to have a willing and enthusiastic team of volunteers that deliver Scouting directly to our young people, offer support when they can, and provide the governance in the background.

Our Volunteers come under different categories and all support 1st St Neots immensely. These are:

Section Leaders, Assistant Section Leaders and Section Assistants

The volunteers you will come into contact the most. These are those who are running the weekly meetings, planning the programme each term, running extra camps and events, and manage all the administration required.
All our Leaders and Assistants are DBS checked, complete a dedicated training programme, refresh safety and safeguarding training regularly, and complete first response training. Most Leaders and Assistants go beyond this mandatory training to provide more to our young people such are adventurous activity permits (air rifles, climbing, water activities, archery, etc.) and nights away permits (to take young people on residential experiences).
Please support your child’s Section Leaders and Assistants as much as possible.

Young Leaders

Young Leaders are essentially the same as above but they are aged between 14-18 years old. They are often young people who have been through Scouting and want to give something back (and stay for more fun!) or volunteering for their Duke of Edinburgh awards.
They are incredible assets who provide a valuable link between our Adults to our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

Parent Volunteers

Often, Parents offer to assist within the Group but don’t have time to become a Leader or Assistant. This could be anything from provide a bit of admin assistance to delivering a particular skill you have to share with our young people.
If you think you can help, have a chat with your child’s Section Leader.


The Group has an Executive Committee, often referred to as the “Group Exec”, which is made up of a number of Trustees who ensure the Group is provided with everything it needs. From ensuring there is enough volunteers and managing recruitment drives to buying the equipment each section needs to operate, the Group Exec makes sure there is the money and resources to make it happen.
Amongst our Trustees, we have a number of Parent Representatives. These make sure the views of young people and their Parents are represented.

It’s really important to note that all our Volunteers give up their evenings, weekends, work annual leave, and any other part of the day completely for free. They do it because they know the importance and impact Scouting has on young people.

What is 1st St Neots Scout Group?

1st St Neots is one of 13 Scout Groups and 5 Explorer Scout Units in the Hinchingbrooke District of Cambridgeshire Scouts. 1st St Neots is one of the oldest Scout groups in existence, having been founded in 1910; just three years after the founding of scouting in 1907.

The Group is led by the Group Scout Leader (GSL) with the help of the Group Executive Committee, which is elected by the parents at the Annual General Meeting.

We are part of The Scout Association, the largest Scouting and mixed youth organisation in the UK. Scouting is fully inclusive (for young people and adults) and is open to all genders, sexual orientations, disabilities, religions, and races.

1st St Neots currently has six sections:

  • Nichols Beavers (6-8 years old) meet on Monday evenings
  • Cator Beavers (6-8 years old) meet on Tuesday evenings
  • Thornhill Cubs (8-10.5 years old meet on Wednesday evenings
  • Harvey Cubs (8-10.5 years old) meet on Thursday evenings
  • Hodgson Scouts (10.5-14 years old) meet on Monday evenings
  • Rowley Scouts (10.5-14 years old) meet on Tuesday evenings

Fun fact – each of our sections are named after benefactors of the Group when we first started in 1910!

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