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Subscriptions Policy

At the January 2019 Group Executive Committee meeting, a new policy on subscription fees was agreed. The new policy comes into effect at the end of the Spring 2019 term. Explanatory notes can be found below the PDF file.


Explanatory Notes

  • Our previous policy of collecting subscription fees using Standing Orders has proven to be difficult to adapt to the changing needs of the Group and this has driven the need for change.
  • Moving to collecting subscription fees by Direct Debit allows the Group to exercise more control over the collection process without removing the protections provided by the Direct Debit Guarantee.
  • All parents will receive an email asking them to cancel any existing Standing Order instructions they have and to await the receipt of a request from Online Scout Manager to setup a Direct Debit mandate to pay a monthly fee of 1/12 of the annual fee.
  • When asked, please sign up to pay future amounts automatically. Otherwise, you will receive a reminder email every month.
  • As with any Direct Debit, you can cancel the mandate at any time. However, this will not remove the liability to pay; unless your child has left the Group.
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