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Important information

In view of the current situation regarding SARS-COV-19, we have decided to close our hall to all bookings until Government and Scout Association policies change.

If you would like to use our Scout Hall for your event, please contact us by completing the form below.

  • For more information on what we have to offer, please click here: Hall Information
  • Before booking, please read our Booking Conditions and review our Lettings Agreement.
  • To check if your event date and time is available, click here: Hall Availability. Note: There must be at least seven (7) days until the event.

NEW: You can now book directly from the Calendar on the Hall Availability page.

We will aim to respond to your message within 3 working days.

Note –

Non-profit events are either private events or events that are open to the public where no profit is made or any profits go to a registered charity.

Commercial events are either private corporate events or those that are open to the public and run specifically to make a profit.

Private (Adult party) are parties where the subject of the party and/or the majority of attendees are 18 or older.

Private (Child party) are parties where the subject of the party is 0-17.

What happens next?
Upon confirmation that the hall is available to let on the requested dates, we will ask you to pay the booking fee and any required deposit, stated in our reply to you, to secure your booking.

On the date of the event, the on-duty caretaker will meet you, let you in and show you around (including emergency procedures). When finished, the on-duty caretaker will inspect the premises and instruct the hall management sub-committee to either return, partially return or retain the refundable part of your deposit.

Review our lettings agreement here: