Hall Booking Conditions

Whilst we try to keep things simple, it is important that all those who book our hall are clear about our terms and conditions. When submitting a booking, you will be required to accept these conditions; so please read the following before submitting a request to book the whole building, the main hall or the community room.

Booking the hall

  1. Bookings can be made directly from the calendar.
  2. Bookings are for a license to use the space for a period of time. There is no lease implied or given.
  3. All bookings are provisional until the full booking fee and cleanup deposit have been paid. As such, there is a possibility that somebody else may book the main hall or community room.
  4. Cleanup deposits will only be refunded after a post-event inspection. If we incur any costs clearing up after your event, these will be deducted from the cleanup deposit.

Our commitment to you

  1. We will always try to deal with your booking efficiently. Please note that we are a 100% volunteer organisation, so it may take a few days to respond to booking requests.
  2. We will liaise with you to ensure that the room is accessible at the time you requested.
  3. We will ensure that the room is clean and tidy when you arrive.

Your responsibilities

  1. To respond promptly when requested for information.
  2. To avoid damage to the fabric and fittings and to report any damage promptly.
  3. For children’s and “teen” parties: To ensure that there are enough adults in attendance at all times to ensure the safety of children and to maintain order.
  4. For all parties: To ensure there are sufficient adults in attendance to manage the door and prevent unwanted visitors from attending the party.
  5. To not play loud music or cause a nuisance to our neighbours: particularly late in the evening. NO music after 10:30PM.
  6. To remove all rubbish and not to use the bins that are there solely for the use of 1st St Neots Scout Group.
  7. To leave the hall tidy at the end of your booking so that the cleaner’s task is eased.


  1. By booking one of our rooms you accept responsibility for any non-accidental damage that may occur during your period of occupation.
  2. You further agree to indemnify 1st St Neots Scout Group for any costs it incurs rectifying such non-accidental damage or disposing of any rubbish left behind after a booking.
    • If we do have to clear rubbish, you will be charged at the rate of £10 per bag or box.
  3. We hold appropriate public liability insurance, but 1st St Neots Scout Group accepts no responsibility for any personal injury or loss whilst one of our rooms is being hired privately.
  4. We do not hold a Performing Rights Society license to play music. It is your responsibility to ensure you are licensed accordingly.

last updated 24th November 2019