Our Expectations

For Young People, we expect:

  • Full and active participation in our weekly meetings, extra events and camps. All of this put together, is how you’ll get the most out of Scouting
  • Provide their involvement in decision making. This is mainly done by sharing ideas on what we do in Scouting during regular youth forums
  • Behave appropriately. Scouting is youth led, supported by adults which works best when young people behave according to their section’s code of conduct. By attending Scouting activities, young people and their parents agree to behave positively, otherwise we may have to limit attendance to extra events, or in extreme circumstances, remove them from our Group.

For Parents, we expect:

  • Support your child in attending regularly, including extra events and camps
  • Let Leaders know when they won’t be attending (via OSM)
  • Maintain their records so we can keep your child safe
  • Ensure your child wears their uniform and necker to meetings
  • Pay for your child’s subscriptions and events promptly
  • Attend our AGM, that happens once a year
  • Support the Group with your time where possible. This could be demonstrating a skill with one of our section, do some DIY at our Scout Hall, or become a parent representative.

It is important to note that all of our Leaders and Supporters are volunteers, giving up their time for free to support Scouting in St Neots. We have a zero tolerance on verbal, written and physical abuse to any member (young people and adults) of our Group. If this occurs, the Lead Volunteer may decide to remove you and your child from our Group.