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Silver Acorn is awarded to Keith Horn

The 23rd of April is the feast day of St George – patron saint of England, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Georgia, Portugal and several other countries and regions. St George is also…

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Good News – We are re-opening our hall to bookings

Following the government’s announcements of plans to return to normality after such a long time, I’m happy to announce that we will start to reopen our Hall from the 12th…

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Our new outdoor space is complete

In February, St Neots Town Council voted money for us to update our outdoor space to better meet the needs of our users – internal and external. Following some excellent…

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It’s starting to take shape

St Neots Town Council kindly granted us the money to revamp our external area so that we could increase our usage without the young people getting too muddy. It also…

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Could you be our new Hall Sub-committee chair?

Our group meets in its own purpose-built hall. Unfortunately, it was built in 1935 (with additions in 2016) and needs careful attention. The overall responsibility lies with the Charity Trustees…

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Could you handle bookings for our hall?

We are lucky to own our own hall. This is great for us as it means we can use it whenever we need to. However, it does mean that we…

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